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business promotion

Business in Malopolska is a chance for creating the image of Malopolska business and creating and maintaining a strong brand of the region.

We reach potential investors through participation in fairs, business missions and conferences. We prepare reports and analyses regarding Małopolska job and property markets. We cooperate with national and international professional media.

We build a positive entrepreneurship climate. This is not an accident that more and more enterprises are deciding to invest in Malopolska.

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Business in Małopolska Centre - promotes the Małopolska region worldwide

Business in Małopolska Centre - promotes the Małopolska region worldwide

contact us

Department of Investor Service
Address: ul. Jana Pawła II 41 L,
31 – 864 Kraków

Regional Investor Service Centre
+48 12 620 91 44

Malopolska Export Centre
+48 12 620 91 43

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