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currently implemented programmes

The Malopolska Regional Development Agency is a regional partner of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (a Regional Financing Institution) cooperating on the implementation of programmes addressed at enterprises. The MRDA is involved in the implementation of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy – measures:

  • 1.4 of OP IE: Support for goal-oriented projects;
  • 4.1 of OP IE: Support for implementation of results of R&D works;
  • 4.2 of OP IE: Stimulation of R&D activity of enterprises and support within the scope of industrial design;
  • 4.4 of OP IE: New investments of high innovative potential;
  • 5.4.1 of OP IE – Patent for a Patent Measure; 
  • 6.1 of OP IE: Passport to export;
  • 8.1 of OP IE: Support for economic activity as regards electronic economy;
  • 8.2 of OP IE: Support for implementation of electronic business – B2B. 

Detailed information on the measures is available at: www.poig.gov.pl

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